Waiting for a U.S.-market 2016 Ford Focus RS for a long time

2016 Focus Sedan Hatchback

RS market keeps on receiving modernized brand that features unique system specifically designed to make driving easier, adaptive and comfortable. Ford Focus RS is one of those cars that has been awaited for a long time by Ford loyal customers. This model is among Ford future cars designs that combine unique features to meet different needs of the customers.

Ford focuses are known for their high performance. 2016 ford focus RS gives you more power for various use. For instance, it utilizes all drive system as well as drivers self-selection suspension settings to meet your driving comfort needs. Despite robust system, the wheels of this model are designed to last longer and operate in different environments. For instance, it has silver painted alloyed wheel that is highly resistant to rust.

2016 Ford Focus RS new car

Same as 2016 ford focus, this vehicle uses EcoBoost engine. The main difference between the EcoBoost engines utilized in both models is the capacity. For instance 2016 ford focus RS uses 2.3 liters turbocharged while 2016 ford focus uses 1.0 liter turbocharged engine size. RS 2.3 liter turbocharged engine provides 350hp of horsepower and 350 pounds per feet of torque. Also, with this model you will save a lot on fuel as it only requires an average of 19mpg in the city and 25 in the highway.

Besides improved engine ability this vehicle has been designed to suit high-speed driving. That is why it has an aerodynamic front grille and rear diffuser to avoid lift at a fast thrust. The interior features modern multimedia systems that improve user’s accessibility. Besides that, the head room and leg room are large enough to accommodate drivers of different sizes. The Recaro seats used are well-leathered and look durable.

When it comes to safety, it seems Ford has invested handsomely on the matter. For instance, this car has dual-stage, front seat, and side curtain airbags to ensure you are safe during an impact. Besides that, safety reminder and automatic lock system.

2016 Ford Focus RS

When safety is your matter of concern in a modern vehicle, then this is it. Also, it features advanced technology, powerful engine, and unique design. No doubt it is a good car.

22 Photos of the Waiting for a U.S.-market 2016 Ford Focus RS for a long time

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