TF-X- Terrafugia the futuristic flying car

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The concept of future flying cars was initially inspired by the protagonists of the movie Back to the Future’s Marty and Doc.The founders of TF-X Terrafugia found the idea of future flying cars so fascinating that they decided to convert the dream to reality. Although in reality, the TF-X program does not exactly emulate the movie, immense efforts are put in to turn the concept of flying cars into a reality, and a commercial success. Two operational prototypes have been successful, and another one is under experimentation.

Across the globe, inventors have tried to merge the comfort and practicality of driving with the added luxury of flying since the very beginning of the 20th century. The TF-X is an innovative vision of the flying car for the masses, with elucidated goals to amplify the security, ease, and practicality of future transportation.

Terrafugia TF-X Flying and Self Driving Car

TF-X Terrafugia future flying car

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the TF-X flying car program’s 2014 Petition for Exemption.

The very first launched product, the Transition® is a fixed wing, commercial legal airplane which has received the international acclaim of the “first practical flying car”. It is a perfect fit in a one car garage, is highway safe, affording a new outlook to independence, flexibility and joy to personal transportation.

Timeline: The TF-X flying car is in the nascent stages of development, with a projected date of manufacturing about a decade in the future.

Terrafugias flying car will be a reality by 2018

Pricing: The price structure of the flying car will be as high as that of the very top brand cars. Detailed pricing strategies will be accessible as the car program progressively develops in the future.

FAA has chosen the company to acquire a System Engineering 2025 (SE2025) Small Business, Research and Mission Analysis Contract. Terrafugia is excited to pioneer the new Outer Mold Line for TF-X, the conventional aircraft which has innovative technologies that will enable convenient and safer flying experiences. The car company is on a pilot program for a four-seat,primarily conventional electric flying car, with the exception of being a modern hybrid vehicle. Equipped with innovative technologies, TF-X program will amplify the standards of security, comfort and ease of personal transportation.

34 Photos of the TF-X- Terrafugia the futuristic flying car

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