The return of one of the original super sports cars 2017 Ford GT

Future car

The car industry is well-known for is superficiality, especially among the Ford GT sports cars. Well not this time. In order to celebrate the 100th birthday of Ford, the 2017 Ford Gt is about to be unleashed on a big scale.

This is not just any car from Ford either. This takes the original model and reboots it to something that no one has ever seen. You can think of this as not just one of the future cars, but a one of the Ford future cars.

Ford Future Car

We sat down to speak with one of the chief engineers and this is some of what he had to say:

“The original design had all the showmanship it needs to be sold. We were looking to take this all one step further. With the all the cars coming out with the big aerodynamics, we wanted to marry both ideas into one. The central part of the body is still built from carbon fiber. We added aluminum to the front and rear sides. Even the substructures are made from aluminum. This has been a big departure from the original models”.

“I’d say they hardest challenge we have ad is with the power train. Look the the Ferrari Fighter, which was also made by those of us at Ford. The engines were all V-8 engines. Some of the best you can ever find. Now we are using a 3.5 turbo-twin V-6 liter engine. The primary issue with this is that we are not running alongside the Daytona prototype, we are using the actual Daytona prototype to maximize this car. The cylinder count might be a little low, compared to other cars, but the power goes to about 650 horsepower”.

What Will be Future Car


If you speak to anyone at Ford, their goals are set for the road car at this moment. There might be plans for a prototype vehicle for the racing track, but right now it’s not in the works.

“One thing at a time. We want to make a really big point with this car. We want to see how far we can go with this car and how it fairs with public perception. Once we have this under control, then we can focus on the “race track”. Until then, we just want to celebrate what we have”.

18 Photos of the The return of one of the original super sports cars 2017 Ford GT

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