Honda Civic to Debut in 2018

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The new Honda Civic will debut in 2018 with the new I-VTEC motor that will put 300 horses of power to the ground on the front wheels. This new sporty looking Honda Civic Type R hatchback will be sure to catch everyone’s eye and be sure to have the neighbors asking. The Honda civic 2018 will be sure to be the next thing in future cars.

Honda civic is the next big future cars with its 6 speed manual engines and hatchback style. This car will come at a relatively inexpensive price only booking its base models at 30,000 USD; keeping it affordable yet cool. This car will join the other cars in Honda’s line up of Honda future cars.

Honda Civic

This car is the saving grace for Honda and will not disappoint. Everyone will want a piece of the action when you roll up to your high school reunion in this new car. Honda Civic type R will help redeem the credibility of the Honda name with Honda enthusiasts after multiple failures such as the S2000 roadster.

This car will be available as a 4 door and 2 door coupe for the common day commuter and young mother who wants to look sporty. The type R will be available for those looking to go sportier with the hatchback and I-VTEC 300 horsepower motor. The sleek low profile mirrors and headlights give this car a sporty touch along with the aftermarket wheels and tires making it “not your momma’s car.” The jagged body lines make it hard to go unnoticed gives you the look of a high end luxury car but for the price of a common day affordable car. The small spoiler adds the final touch of sporty yet classy to the vehicle.

If you want to go fast and look cool the new Honda is the car for you. If you’re looking for a sporty yet practical car look to the new Honda to meet all your needs! Honda future cars are the next big things of the future so be sure to keep your eye out for the Honda Civic 2018.

Honda Micro Commuter

20 Photos of the Honda Civic to Debut in 2018

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