Car-to-car communication could be here sooner than you think

Car to Car Communication pictures

Just when you thought that cars could do everything in this world and more, they once again surprise us all. Engineers know more about cars than they let on. In fact, many of them believe in Car-to-car communication communication.

What does this mean Car-to-car communication?

Car-to-car communication means these cars have the ability to speak to one another. Many engineers believe that quite a few cars already have the ability of car2car communication. Some engineers have known this for a very long time.

Car to Car Communication pictures

“We feel that if cars could communicate with others, than there would be fewer accidents on the road. There is already a soul inside the car. There’s a soul inside every car, whether people want to accept this concept or not. Why is it such a stretch to normalize vehicle-to-vehicle communication?”

So what is the holdup? If there is already the belief of V2V communication, than why hasn’t this patent been pushed in the car industry?

“The biggest thing we are dealing with is the manufacturing. There are many who don’t believe in the enormous amount of work that is involved. It’s quite extensive. The framework is going to be huge for V2V communication. There is a huge wireless framework with this venture. This also takes money. Some are still on the fence as to whether or not to put out the money. With something like Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication, you can’t just announce it and it becomes viable. There is a lot of planning and convincing that is involved”.

Volvo Working on Car to Car Communication to Reduce Accidents

The higher-ups are pushing for it though. There is a major campaign going on right now to get the patent. If the patent happens, than production could start as early as the end of this year.

“There are still some major hurdles with this. After we get it up and running, we have to replace all the older models. We have to go through a major upgrade for everything. This is also going to take some time. The faster we begin movement on this, the sooner the consumers can get the rewards from this. We are confident that it’s going to happen. It’s just a question of when”.

24 Photos of the Car-to-car communication could be here sooner than you think

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