Advanced Car Technologies By 2020; Biometric Vehicle Access

What will cars be like in 25 years

Advanced Car Technologies certainly will take an exciting shape and direction by the year 2020. Changes in technology and automation are even expected to be somehow a replica of what’s happening with the Advanced Car technology. For example, the cars of the future will be automated to use the user’s fingerprints in security and instructions or the person’s retina. Shoppers are even changing their strategy of car shopping to opting for those with high technology. Many automobiles, for example, the Honda brand and Mercedes-Benz already have adopted most of the features. However, it is expected that there will be new technology cars in the future with more than the already existing technologies.


Automation is a technology expected to take shape in the future where the car will direct itself to the park, destination, and speed directives. It is not easy for the autonomous vehicle technology because many of the technologies require the drive and the car to work in collaboration. Possibly by 2020, autonomous vehicle technology will have taken shape.

Jaguar C x75 Hybrid Supercar

Biometric Vehicle Access

The cars of the future will not require any key to open. Already the use of the key has been overridden by wireless systems. Probably the fingerprints will apply more than the retina scanning.

Sensor Technology

The new technology cars in the future are expected to have a driver override system. In that, at some point, the car will use its sensing more to drive than the driver’s instructions. Some of the instructions will be ignored by the automotive, and it will do what the sensing technology approves as right.

Four-cylinder supercars

The automotive will be light weight, but the engines performance is expected to be powerful. The 2020 automobile will be lightly made of carbon fiber material, and the engine will be 200 mph and more. Production is anticipated to be way beyond the traditional vehicle by 2020 with the four-cylinder supercars engine.

Future car picture


As added advantage, the automotive will have been introducing to all social media marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter. It will have the best marketing strategy to market itself by 2020. Certainly, the smart auto technology will be beyond the purpose of security to business objectives. Shoppers by 2020 are expected to have changed their automobile shopping strategy by picking the tech-smart ones.

42 Photos of the Advanced Car Technologies By 2020; Biometric Vehicle Access

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