2030 Future Cars and Wheels of the Road

NASCAR design concept for 2030

Everyone always is looking forward to the release of the next year cars and trucks from the auto companies usually around the end of the summer, so they can see what will be ready for them. Well let’s take that one step further and just imagine what if we could see the year Future cars 2030, what would we be driving.

2030 Future Cars

One type of vehicle that I would like to see and if available I may be driving would be a reliable solar roof top car, we always hear about clean energy, save the earth, well I think if its available that would be my contribution to the green sector. Some benefits of driving this type of car would be that the place I live sees plenty of sunlight, so during the days I know I could get my solar batteries charged completely.

Inspire future cars picture

I would also like the car to have the capacity to carry up to 8 batteries inside its compartment, so that I could take the car on further distance trips and not have to worry about charging all the time. Well for now I probably will have to keep dreaming about this type of car.

However, something that may be more realistic by the year 2030 Future Cars would be a Hybrid type car that runs on electricity; this would also be another GREEN car to help mother earth. This would be another choice of mine if it was made a little more reliable than what they are now.

The third and more likely type of car that I will be driving during the 2030 Future Cars would be whatever the latest version of the Nissan Maxima is, this by far is one of my favorite cars, I love how it rides so smooth, also the features that it provides just makes me happy to own a Maxima, another thing that I like, is the exterior design to it, the latest version makes me think that I am borderline Benz bound.

Bizzarrini Veleno Concept picture

Well whichever car I find myself in, I am sure that it will be an excellent ride of the future and provide me with happiness.

28 Photos of the 2030 Future Cars and Wheels of the Road

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